Plastic Free North Devon offers talks in schools across Northern Devon. We can provide assembly-style short talks in both primary and secondary school settings.

Focused workshops for smaller class-size groups are also available. As are educational film screenings of A Plastic Ocean, including Q&A conclusion and reflection.

The talks that we deliver focus on educating staff and students about the problems with plastic pollution and what can be done about the issue.

Most importantly, the talks invite the audience to build a relationship with the issue that is relevant to them. Whether that is understanding the impact on marine life, or recognising the threat to human health that is posed by the plastic pollution issue. Our talks encourage students to recognise the issue in both their daily and their school lives, to recognise themselves as consumers and identify ways to become positive environmental contributors and also to feel empowered to make changes both individually and collectively.

In the meantime both a plastic oceans UK and Recycle Devon have some excellent free online lesson plans and resources that can help delve into the issues of plastics and sustainability in much more detail.

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