The holiday season of 2018 saw the launch of our Visitor Campaign. This campaign aimed to capture the minds of visitors to North Devon in order to raise awareness of the plastic issue, reduce the amount of plastic consumed, clear waste plastic from the environment and ensure that is it recycled or disposed of properly.

There are two strands to our Visitor Campaign. The ‘Plastic Free Holiday Project’ worked with individual holiday accommodation providers to get the plastic free message across to visitors staying in the area. The ‘Plastic Free Ambassador Project’ made direct contact with tourists at local hotspots where many of the 5 million visitors go to each year. Stationed at beaches, parks and tourist attractions our ambassadors set up camp to engage people in the plastic issue and encourage simple changes which collectively will have a big impact.

Both projects engaged with a large volume of people visiting the North Devon during the summer months and has not only had a positive impact on our local community environment but also hopefully led to behaviour and values change that people will have taken back to their own communities across the country.

If you would like to be involved with either projects then please get in touch.


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We have created a variety of literature for accommodation providers to distribute to their customers:

  • A PDF with information to send with holiday accommodation bookings reminding people what to bring with them to be as plastic free as possible on holiday.

  • An informative leaflet, flyer and poster to place in accommodation, on reception desks or in games rooms with information on what Plastic Free North Devon are working towards, and what visitors can do to help

  • A Plastic Free North Devon Visitor Campaign Supporter Stamp to use on website and business literature to show support of our campaign.

Want to know more or sign up to receive our literature then please email:



North Devon welcomes around 5.5 million visitors each year, many of whom are drawn to our wonderful beaches. Our ambassador programme aims to engage and educate visitors, about our marine ecosystem and the impact that humans are having on it. We also provide ideas and solutions on how to look after it while they are here and at home.

National Lottery Awards for All funding enabled us to run our ‘Plastic Free Ambassador Project’ during the summer of 2018, where we had a daily presence on the main beaches in North Devon and attended a number of community events. A plastic free ‘engagement hub’, manned by trained ambassadors, provided information and involved passers-by in activities designed to promote discussion, challenge attitudes and change behaviour towards plastic pollution.

Across six weeks the project made over 40 visits to 10 local beaches, attended 4 community events, visited 4 tourist hot-spots, engaged with thousands of residents and visitors and received 100% positive feedback!

It really worked! After a day out, families would return to the beach to collect litter; people were keen to talk about what they were already doing and get new ideas while others, juggling children and beach gear, wanted to stop quickly and say ‘thank you’ for what was being done.



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