Trevisick's Pie Emporium, Barnstaple


Certified palm oil free bakery, baking and selling local artisan pies and pasties using traditional North Devonian recipes, using quality local ingredients. Hot and cold drinks also available. Boutport Street, Barnstaple.

Founder: Nick Lock


Actions to date (to remove single-use plastics):

  • Don’t use plastic carrier bags, use paper bags

  • Use vegware coffee cups and also offer a 50% discount if you bring your own re-usable cup.

  • Cold drinks are in glass bottles or cans

  • Don’t offer plastic straws, cutlery or condiment sachets

  • Don’t use plastic or polystyrene food containers, pies in metal foil trays

  • Signed up to Refill Devon, so they’ll fill up your water-bottles if asked.

  • Recycle everything they can.

  • All ingredients are fresh, vegetables are either loose or in paper sacks.

Working on:

  • Butcher is phasing out plastic wrapping at the moment.

  • Cling-film is the only ‘plastic’ product used; required to prevent cross-contamination.

We’re keen to leave a better world to our children and grand-children. We’re the first bakery in the world to be certified as totally palm oil free (most bakeries use palm oil as it’s much cheaper than butter, but it’s not sustainable). We did this because of huge environmental damage harvesting palm oil causes, particularly in countries like Indonesia, but also because, despite common misconceptions, traditional ingredients like butter and lard are easier to digest so ultimately better for you. Having taken that step, it was natural to make the business plastic free as well.
— Nick Lock - Founder

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