Treat Time, Barnstaple

Family run dessert parlour, serving home-made treats such as cakes, crepes, waffles, Italian ice cream and a range of savoury options too. 

Owners: Theresa, John and Carol 


Actions to date (to remove single-use plastics):

  • Coffee cups changed to compostable cups and lids

  • Bottled drinks all now glass

  • Only use paper straws

  • Paper cups used for Ice Cream, take-away cake in foil

  • Ice cream spoons compostable.

  • Empty ice cream tubs are a great size and shape for gardening so in high demand for re-use by customers

  • Plastic, cardboard, glass all recycled.

Working on:

  • Already refill water bottles, but happy to sign up to the Refill Devon Scheme

  • Do offer discounts informally to people who bring in their own reusable coffee cups, looking to formalise and advertise this.

  • Investigating alternatives for ingredients, etc., supplied in plastic.

My parents and I here at Treat Time in Barnstaple feel proud of the changes we have made so far and will be continuing to develop other ways that we as a family business can make a difference. We live in a beautiful part of the world and we feel as a business we should care about the environment that we live and work in.
— Theresa

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