The Whiddon Valley Fryer and The Whiddon Wagon , Barnstaple

Fish and Chip shop in Whiddon Valley of Barnstaple, and mobile catering Whiddon Wagon providing Fish & Chips (and all the other food you’d expect) for weddings, family and local events, plus regular weekly stops in Landkey, Swimbridge and elsewhere. 

Owners: Father and daughter, Bruce Dimelow and Heather Dennis


Actions to date (to remove single-use plastics):

  • Moved over to biodegradable cardboard food trays, coffee cups, pea-pots

  • Wooden cutlery in the shop and wagon

  • Use paper bags instead of plastic in the shop

  • Offers free water refills and has signed up to the Refill Devon scheme

  • Recycle cardboard through North Devon Council

  • Switched from palm oil to sunflower oil which is delivered in reusable plastic drums.

  • Glass jars (e.g. for pickled onions) are re-used by local resident for home pickling!

Working on:

  • Small stock of plastic bags is being used up in the wagon, but will then switch to paper bags as well.

  • Plastic straws currently only used for Shmoo drinks; looking into alternatives

  • Biggest challenge is probably the plastic condiments sachets, which need to be contained and portable.  

Within the Fish and Chip sector we’re always concentrating on sustainability and the effect of fishing on the environment. So this is the obvious next step; to look at how we’re sending the food out of the door. So we’ve been looking at our food containers, forks, straws and anything else we can do. And we’re also pleased to support the Plastic Free campaign.
— Co-owner Heather

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