The Pelican Fish & Chips, Barnstaple

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Owner: Martin James


Actions to date (to remove single-use plastics):

  • Stopped offering straws a year ago, if asked have paper and cellulose coated straws available.

  • Don’t use plastic bags – sell (at cost-price) their own reusable “Pelly” insulated-bags to keep takeaway food hot (see photo). 

  • Don’t sell plastic bottled drinks – all glass and tin; with refillable glass water bottles in the restaurant 

  • Use Vegware for takeaway food containers

  • Only offer wooden forks for takeaway

  • Some refillable glass condiment bottles and ramekins in the restaurant.

  • Recycle glass, cardboard, plastics, tins through North Devon Council.

  • Use refillable soap bottles in the toilets.

  • Use local suppliers from Devon and Cornwall – there’s a list of them on the table, together with information about the Plastic Free campaign in North Devon.

  • Suppliers are, in the main, using cardboard and/or re-usable containers.

Working on:

  • Single plastic condiment sachets for takeaway. Looking into alternatives but as yet unavailable.

  • Recycling food waste. 

  • Happy to sign up to Refill Devon scheme.

We’re proud to have the Marine Stewardship Council certification – with all our fish from MSC suppliers. Taking that as our starting point we’ve been looking at what else we can do. Eating sustainably sourced sea food, is not just about eating good food with a good conscience, as with reducing the plastics we use, it is much more far reaching than that. Eating MSC cod at the Pelican and not having a plastic straw with your drink can make a difference.
— Martin James

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