The Siam Bistro

Owner: Tudorel Vintila

Actions to date: 

  • They have changed from plastic bags to biodegradable bags and paper bags.

  • They are now using compostable take away coffee cups & lids.

  • They have got rid of plastic straws and now use paper ones.

  • They have changed ALL their plastic take away food containers to fully compostable PLA lined cardboard boxes.

  • They have always used wooden chopsticks and sporks, and don’t use any single use plastic condiments sachets.

  • They recycle cardboard and oil at Bookers and take the bottles to the recycling centre each week.

  • So basically they have totally switched over and got rid of all the plastic they were using. Well done Siam Bistro.

  • They are more than happy to give a small discount to customers who bring their own reusable coffee cup for takeaway coffee.

  • They are joining the Devon Refill Scheme so if you need to refill your water bottle while you are out you are welcome to pop in to see them.

We moved here 12 years ago for the beauty of North Devon. We have 4 children and want North Devon to be beautiful for their generation too. Our business has got busier and we are doing more takeaways which has made us conscious about giving out lots of plastic containers and we were worried about where the plastic was ending up. So we decided to go plastic free and we have changed everything to cardboard, paper and compostable containers. Although it has cost us more money we are happier to be supporting the community by reducing our environmental footprint. We’d like to thank our customers for their continued support over the past three years.
— Tudorel
BusinessJennie Lewis