Orchards Farm Shop, Barnstaple

Farm Shop, St John’s Lane, Newport, Barnstaple

Owners: Rob Cooper and Liz Wilton


Actions to date (to remove single-use plastics):

  • All cold drinks supplied in glass bottles

  • All loose food (cakes, pies, etc.) goes into paper bags

  • Vegetables are also loose; customers are encouraged to bring their own bags.

  • Soaps, etc., all supplied loose with no packaging. 

  • Refill service for Ecover laundry products and cider vinegar (which they’ve been doing for over 10 years).

  • Don’t offer carrier bags, have paper carrier bags and supply of re-used plastic bags if asked.

  • Loose food supplied to shop in re-useable crates.

  • Recycle plastic and cardboard via St John’s garden centre.

Working on:

  • Some food is supplied to the shop in plastic containers.

  • Hoping to encourage their local (mainly small) suppliers to use and consider alternatives, perhaps working together to do so.

  • Happy to sign up to Refill Devon (free drinking water).

When we first opened the shop we wanted to support local suppliers and businesses to reduce the food miles because it’s environmentally friendly. The Plastic Free campaign goes together with this as another step to reduce our impact on the environment.
— Rob, Owner

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