North Hayne Farm Cottages, South Molton


Owner Cheryl and Roger Dixon

Actions to date

  • In each holiday cottage cling film has been removed and replaced with home made wax wraps. Each cottage has a selection of different sizes to use for days out/picnics at the beach etc..

  • Cream teas on arrival are now covered with reusable plastic covers, instead of cling film, which can be washed and also used in a microwave.

  • In housekeeping, their staff are fully on board with the changes and they now re-use every cleaning bottle by re filling instead of replacing each week.

  • Bin bags are recyclable ones. All bins contain used or reusable bags.

  • Any plastic containers found in cottages when cleaning are brought in, washed and re-used as egg boxes/containers.

  • Plastic ban on all disposable plastic such as party cups, plates, cutlery- all have been replaced with either washable crockery, proper cutlery or compostable paper ones.

  • Plastic bags have been replaced with paper sandwich bags which are compostable too.

  • The children's farm use animal feed which used to come in plastic but have been re-sourced where possible and now come in paper bags rather than plastic ones, the few plastic ones remaining are now re-used on the farm, some make great liners for bottoms of hutches/pens etc.

  • Hand wipes have been mostly replaced now with a children hand wash station with liquid soap and paper towels.

  • Canvas beach clean bags are given out to guests who want to visit the beach - the children love collecting up plastic from the beaches and filling their bags!

  • There is also a new children's 'Save our Oceans' game and activity booklet which helps to educate the children on the farm while having fun.

  • Each cottage has lots of information about small changes guests can make while they are with us and information about beach cleans is available at reception for those that are keen to get involved.

  • They are running another competition again this year for holiday guests asking for the best ideas to further help reduce their plastic waste. Last year's competition resulted in the introduction of Wax Wraps in each cottage.

  • All events held at the farm cottages, such as bonfire night, are single use plastic free.

Working on:

  • Currently sourcing compostable gloves for the children's clubs.

  • Introducing muslin instead of plastic wraps for beauty treatment wraps.

  • Looking for a plastic free supplier of kitchen roll

  • Trying to find an alternative refill method for toilet cleaner.

As a tourism business that focuses on children, we felt it increasingly important to start setting the best examples we could by reducing plastics and where possible eliminating single use plastics completely. We began with very small changes (involving our visiting children and their families along the way) and have been encouraged by the feedback of all our visitors as we provide them with alternative options. We continue to look for ways of raising awareness and making lots more positive changes in the future.
— Cheryl and Roger
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