Meraki Coffee Co.

Meraki Coffee Company Woolacombe - Plastic Free Champion

Café serving breakfast, lunches and coffee.
Owners: Ant Merret and Rohan & Steph Moligoda

Actions to date: 

  • Only stocking compostable coffee cups and lids

  • Encouraging people to bring in reusable cups and offers a 40p discount for this. They also sell Keep Cups

  • Only selling glass, canned or cartons of soft drinks

  • No straws stocked

  • All fruit and veg loose from a local supplier 

  • Signed up to Refill Devon scheme offering free water bottle refills and has a tap available to refill from

  • Recycles all plastic, cans, glass and cardboard 

  • Offers coffee grounds for use on the allotment

Working on:

  • Talking to suppliers about less plastic packaging around products

  • Looking into composting options for food waste

Since we had the idea for this shop, we’ve had sustainability in mind. This has lead us to avoid any plastic for the set up and running of our business. It has been incredibly easy and has only a small increase in costs compared to using plastic products. There is an amazing amount of support, systems and products available to eliminate plastic from our shop. To further this, we have been assessing and reducing where possible anything we throw away. Our goal is to achieve an entirely zero waste system. That means everything we use is consumed, recycled or composted. We choose what we buy carefully and ask suppliers to deliver in environmentally conscious packaging and we recycle packaging. We currently throw away a very small amount of general waste (approx a 10 litre bin a day). This typically consists of non-recyclable packing and a small amount of food waste.

When commercial composting becomes financially viable (it is very expensive!) we will be able to compost and food waste and coffee grounds we do not give away (we give them away for people to use in their gardens and allotments). We will also keep putting pressure on suppliers, to allow all packaging to meet our goals.

Woolacombe is incredibly beautiful and we are doing our best to keep it that way.
— Ant
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