Jalapeños, Barnstaple


Mexican restaurant, also operates a Food Trailer for events – e.g. Velo Vintage

Owner: Rob and Lisa Weatherley


Actions to date (to remove single-use plastics):

  • Don’t use single-use plastics

  • Given up plastic straws - now give paper straws with drinks (did use biodegradable ones as interim measure after plastic)

  • Food Trailer uses recycled cardboard food trays

  • Food trailer don’t give out cutlery, looking to offer wooden cutlery if asked

  • Recycle glass bottles

  • Vegetables delivered loose in cardboard trays

Working on:

  • Happy to offer discount for customers bringing own reusable cups at Food Trailer and will advertise it.

  • Recycling is an issue in Maiden Street, currently unable to recycle anything except glass bottles. 

  • Moving to 100% recycled napkins once existing stock runs out.

  • For Food Trailer, aim to move to recyclable coffee-cups, etc.

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