Jack's Snax, Barnstaple


Hot and cold food and drink, day-time take-away. Food is tailor made for customers’ individual needs. Supplying hot and cold filled baguettes, burgers, hot dogs, jacket potatoes, breakfast wraps & baps, chips, milk shakes, freshly ground-coffee, cold drinks & quick snacks.

12 Queens Walk, Barnstaple (on the edge of the Queens Street car-park).

Owner: Mike Sim


Actions to date (to remove single-use plastics):

  • Replaced plastic takeaway food containers with biodegradable containers (Mike noted that because these are thinner, they take up less space which is a definite plus with a small café like Jack’s Snax).

  • Offers wooden forks and stirrers instead of plastic

  • Applies sauces, etc., on site, so no single plastic condiment sachets

Working on:

  • Using up stocks of plastic straws but will then switch to biodegradable

  • Using up stocks of plastic knives, and will then switch 

  • Uses paper bags where possible, but at the moment needs plastic bags for larger items, investigating alternatives

  • Looking at replacing coffee cups, but needs to be cost-effective. Currently buying smaller quantities of current cups so he can make the switch quickly when he finds the cup he likes.

  • Burger wrap paper includes plastic coating, so investigating alternatives

  • Happy to sign-up to Refill Devon

It does cost more to give up single-use plastic, but it is better for the environment and it sets a good example if more and more of us do it, so those who are reluctant to make the switch, and care more about their profit than the consequences face more pressure. I’d rather do the right thing even if it does cost me a little money.
— Mike

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