Futures Farm, Woolacombe

Craig Corry and Corrina Middleton Corry

Futures Farm works with children from local schools and adults with additional needs. They offer Mini Farmers, farm mornings for toddlers and Young Farmers, farm days for older children during the holidays. They also offer work experience for college students.

Futures Farm are not a big user of Single Use Plastics however they are using their farm as a way to educate young people and to encourage minimal plastic in the future.

What are Futures Farm doing:

  • Recycling: All feed bags and bailing wrap is stored until they have a full load and then taken to a recycling plant in South Molton.

  • Craft: Futures Farm are using up any unsustainable craft stock, such as glitter, and will be using recycled/natural/scrapstore materials in the future. They have also taken students down to the beach to collect plastics to use in their art projects.

  • Education: Futures Farm find opportunities to talk to the children about how harmful plastic can be in the natural word and why it can be harmful to both the animals on the farm and those in the wild. Linking this into why they no longer use glitter when doing crafts.

  • Food and drinks – Any hot drinks they have on the farm are in washable cups. They also encourage people coming for the day not to use single use plastics in their lunch boxes.

  • Beach and hedgerow cleaning – They have taken groups of students on to the beach and along local hedgerows collecting rubbish that has been thrown or blown there. This links back to educating the students about where rubbish can end up  

Being lucky enough to work in this amazing environment with animals and young people we feel it is really important to spread the plastic free message to future generations.
— Craig and Corrina

Go to the Futures Farm website here to find out more.