Bull & Bear, Barnstaple

Bar and Kitchen

Owner Matt Spencer


Actions to date (to remove single-use plastics):

  • Changed single-use plastic glasses to tougher re-useable plastic when screening fights and other big sports events.

  • Replaced plastic straws with paper or biodegradable straws (paper straws included with cocktails, other straws on request)

  • Replaced polystyrene takeaway containers (‘doggy bags’) with cardboard

  • Plastic cutlery (used for giving out samples) replaced with wooden

  • Use large re-fillable condiment bottles with food instead of sachets.

  • Recycle glass and cardboard with North Devon Council.

Working on:

  • Recycling plastics, possibly with other provider.

  • Willing to sign up to Refill Devon scheme.

The biggest question to answer is ‘why not do it?’ These are simple changes, easily made, which will help reduce single use plastics to help the environment and the planet. So why isn’t everyone doing it?
— Matt Spencer
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