Boston Tea Party

Bost Tea Party Barnstaple, Plastic Free Champion

Manager: Naomi Warne

Actions to date:

  • No plastic bags given out, paper bags if needed.

  • No single use condiment sachets available, station provided inside for sugar and condiments are in glass jars

  • No takeaway coffee cups are given out – customers are asked to bring their own or they can loan from BTP.

  • Compostable Vegeware cups used for take away smoothie/juices

  • Paper straws given out if needed

  • Takeaway containers are Biopac, card based

  • Takeaway wooden cutlery provided if required

  • Provide water stations up and down stairs also Part of refill Devon scheme.

  • Menus are non-laminated card

  • Recycles glass, cardboard, plastic collected by Viridor. Food waste is collected by @Refood UK for  anaerobic digestion and powers the collection vehicle.

  • All Printing is on sustainable stock and the printers plant the equivalent trees that they have used. They use earth friendly inks and recycle cartridges

  • Weekly stock count to monitor and minimise waste

  • All left over food is offered to staff or given to the homeless at the end of the day

  • Fruit and vegetables delivered loose on trays which are exchanged on delivery and reused.

  • All other suppliers deliver in reusable containers and collect cardboard.

  • Careful water management using flow restrictors on taps and flush restrictors on toilets

  • Monitor sales against power so appliances can be switched off to save power.

  • Source organic milk meat and eggs/ Chocolate fair trade and organic/Fish from sustainable waters

  • All old staff uniform – donated to charity

  • All electricity is sourced from ‘Green energy’ using renewable energy sources.

  • Upcycled cafe furniture and repurpose fixtures and fittings.

Working on:

  • Removing single use cold drink containers

  • All remaining stock of cups was sent to r-cups to be recycled into reusable coffee cups

  • Always giving back to the community

We at Boston Tea Party Barnstaple are extremely excited to be on the plastic free journey and are very proud of everything we do. Stopping the sale of single-use takeaway coffee cups was a bold move but but it was necessary to help drive the responsible culture change that is needed and we hope to share our knowledge and experience to help others do the same. I am very proud to work for a company that regularly goes above and beyond, ensuring it maintains a sustainable, conscious, responsible business model which has tacking and raising awareness of environmental issues at the forefront of what they do. We live in one of the most beautiful corners of the UK and i’m very happy that BTP is doing their bit to make sure this beautiful place is the best it can be
— Naomi, Manager
BusinessJennie Lewis