BLOCK, Barnstaple


Actions to date

  • Bagasse paper based takeaway containers

  • Paper bags for take-away cakes and pastries

  • Glass and cans for cold drinks, give squash in  beakers to children

  • Wooden cutlery and chopsticks for takeaways

  • NO straws (paper ones only on request)

  • Fruit and vegetable delivery boxes are sent back to their supplier for resale and reuse (amended incase we change supplier :))

  • Recycle plastic, paper, card, tetrapaks, cans and glass

  • Offers tap water refills (part of the refill devon scheme - find them on the app)

  • Buy many products in bulk to reduce amount of containers used. Eg - oils, vinegar, rice, Hoi sin sauce etc..

  • Range of @keep cups for sale to encourage reuse.

  • No single use sachets for condiments or sugar- They are bought in bulk and decanted into small jars.

  • Use local suppliers for meat, fish, eggs, dairy, selected juices (amended to widen list but be less specific incase we change)

  • Regularly donate food, ingredients and time to local charities - 2,500 meals in 2018

  • Sell packaging free coffee beans - fill your own

  • Only buy soft drinks from companies that have strong ethical and social focus.

  • All coffee direct traded with coffee farmers in El Salvador to ensure a fair price and sustainable business for suppliers.

Working on:

  • Exploring food waste options

  • Plant based take-away cup alternative

  • Discount for those that bring a reusable cup.

  • Exploring soft plastics recycling

From it’s inception, Block was about creating a sustainable business model which did good for the people on our block and for the environment. We do what we can, where we can, to minimise our impact and reduce waste. We are proud to be a member of Plastic Free Barnstaple and are constantly evolving our business and our core product to deliver fresh, tasty food and coffee that doesn’t cost the earth.
— Andy, BLOCK
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