Protecting and improving our environment through community-led action to combat plastic pollution.



Plastic Free North Devon is a local environmental charity started by volunteers who want to reduce the impact of plastic pollution on the environment in North Devon and beyond.

Our mission is to protect and improve our environment through community-led action to combat plastic pollution.

We aim to achieve this by helping people to recognise the relevance and value of the environment to their lives; to see and experience first-hand the impact of plastic pollution on nature; and to support good choices in purchasing, use and disposal of plastics, as we move to a more sustainable community.

By working with local communities, businesses, organisations and government we aim to:
• Raise awareness of our environment and how it is affected by plastic.
• Reduce the consumption of single-use plastics in North Devon.
• Clear waste plastic from our coasts, waterways, countryside and urban areas.
• Recycle and dispose of used plastics in an appropriate way.



Plastic is an amazing material that plays a positive role in many aspects of our modern life.  However, the characteristics that make it such a useful material (its strength and durability in particular) and its chemical properties make it a toxic, hazardous substance that lasts for hundreds of years when it gets into the natural environment.  

A few facts and figures:

  • 320+ million tonnes of new plastic are manufactured annually - this figure is increasing.

  • 40% of the plastic produced is for single use packaging.

  • 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic produced since the 1950s. Of which 9% has been recycled, 12% has been burnt and 79% is in the environment as landfill or litter.

  • 8 - 12 million tonnes of plastic enters the ocean annually.  Of which 80% washes and blows in from the land.

  • 1+ million seabirds, 100,000+ sea mammals and turtles are killed annually by marine plastic pollution.

Why does it matter?

A healthy ocean is essential to a healthy planet that can support all life, and that includes us.  Allowing millions of tonnes of toxic plastic waste to enter the ocean environment threatens the ecosystems that provide 50% of the oxygen we breathe and the primary source of food for 3.5 billion people.     

We simply can’t keep producing this amount of plastic or allow any more of it to enter our environment.   




What can you do?

Everybody can do their bit! We have put together a guide to help you find the most effective actions you can take depending on your situation. Whether you’re a business, community group or somebody trying to make changes in their home, we’ve got information for you.


Get Involved

Check our calendar of events to find talks, beach cleans from and in conjunction with Plastic Free North Devon.

Find out what you can do and the actions you can take to halt the tide of plastic today.

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